Lara Cat Food Adult Lamb

2 kg

৳ 680
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Brand: ADA

Product Details

  • Delicious chunks with lamb for adult cats. Spoil your cat with the crispy chunks from Lara Adult with Lamb, a real taste sensation for your cat. The chunks based on lamb and chicken contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins that your active cat can use. Lara Adult with Lamb is a complete food for adult cats from 1 year old.
  • Nutritional facts/Ingredients :"
  • 0.2 mgE8 (selenium), 0.2% cellulose brute, 0.2% Taurine, 1.0% Phosphore, 1.1% Calcium, 1.4 3b202 (iode), 10.0% teneur en matieres grasses, 100 mg Vitamin E, 2.0% cellulose brute, 20000 U.I. Vitamin A, 32.0% Protein, 50 mg E1(fer), 57 mg E5 (manganese), 65 mg 3b605 (zinc), 7 mg E4 (cuivre), 8.0% cendres brutes, Antioxidants"

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